Attestation Services

Your business may need an audit, review, or compilation for many different reasons. We’ll help you understand the process to ensure a smooth and non-threatening experience.

» Compilation

Our firm’s compilation report provides internal management the current financial position, results of operations, as well as the cash flow statement.  Compilation reports are the most basic and affordable financial statements our firm can issue on behalf of our clients.  Furthermore, they are designed to help management make sound financial decisions based on current and past operating figures and ratios.  Traditionally, they omit financial statement footnotes and are intended for internal management’s use as well as third parties familiar with the client’s business.

» Review

Our firm’s review report goes beyond a compilation report providing a higher level of service, typically prepared for third parties unfamiliar with the client’s business.  They contain disclosures in footnote form and require our firm to make inquiries and perform analytical procedures.  While a review doesn’t provide the same degree of assurance as an independent audit, many financial statement users find it to be an acceptable alternative.

» Audit

An audit from our firm provides the highest level of service of all our attestation options. A financial statement audit is the examination of a business’ financial statements and accompanying disclosures by an independent auditor. The result of this examination is a report attesting to the fairness of presentation of the financial statements and related disclosures. Our goal is to give the client a quality report, including financial statements, for management, governance, and third-party use.